Sponsorship / Help Center

This page was last updated on 03/03/2021.

Communiity.in (TCJ) works on a fundamental belief of “profit for purpose” and commits to spend a fair share of its revenue and profits to the social cause of its communiity members including the people actively associated with the cause and purpose of sciences and technologies as academicians, researchers, students and professionals.

If you are looking for some fellowship / sponsorship support for the same, you may reach out to us through the following www.communiity.in/sponsorshipapp

TCJ also takes pride in associating with sponsoring chairs for academic excellence in the alma maters and other academic institute of sciences and technologies


The decision to support the sponsorship request is subject to the merit of the case, economic background of the applicant and tenure of the sponsorship.

The decision of the “TCJ Council for Sponsorships” shall be final in this case and no further conversation will be entertained in this regard. TCJ does not provide for sponsorship for any economic or cultural event. Applications received for such an events may be subject to rejection at summarily level.