Reprints and Permissions

The Communiity Journal acknowledges the larger need of the readers and ecosystem for their publication and therefore offers a range of reprints and permissions services for authors, readers, publishers and commercial companies.

Published Authors reprints

Published authors in TCJ can order reprints of their article for free distribution to their peers and colleagues. Author reprints for free are offered in format of encrypted PDF copy only. The order can be placed after acceptance of the publications and will be shared over an email. The reprints shall carry a watermark of the TCJ along with its emphasis of intellectual property rights. TCJ does not share any paper copies.

Permission requests

TCJ grants permission for authors, readers and third parties to reproduce material from its online and printed journals to be published as part of another publication or entity. This includes, for example, the use of a figure in a presentation, the posting of an abstract on a web site, or the reproduction of a full article within another journal. Certain permissions can be granted free of charge; others incur a fee. In all cases the citation of the published material as having sourced from TCJ is a must.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unsure of the service you require please write to