Profit for Purpose Policy

TCJ firmly believes that while the core philosophy of this platform is to contribute back to the ecosystem of alma maters, colleagues, batchmates, friends, aspiring students and associated thought leaders, the stated objectives shall be appropriately met only if philanthropy is coupled with economics of ‘profit for purpose’.

The organisation and its leadership firmly believes that it shall continue to operate and strive towards retaining & protecting the huge respect and regard the brand IIT has gathered over their generations of existence. This platform doesn’t affirm to have any representation of any of these Institutes in any respect and this platform’s rights are limited only to the effect which are formally granted by any institution and reduced to writing.

TCJ journey of excellence is towards aggregating the collective conscience, professional networking and intellectual prowess of ex IITians, those who are currently engaged and those who aspire to make an entry to such august institutions. This platform also provides a space to many ex IITians to continue their journey of knowledge and wisdom by sharing their views, learnings of life, research work, opinion and professional papers for critical read and appreciation by users.

TCJ is committed to release a significant portion of its profits towards philanthropic objectives of helping society members in a need of distress, students who need educational assistance, funding research programs, fund the chairs of academic excellence and other needs as are qualified by its governing council. By doing so TCJ doesn’t do any favour to any one and merely takes a corporate social responsibility to give back to its society and alma mater and contribute to the journey of excellence which the brand IIT has given to its graduates.

This is an evolving organisation and the policy is subject to change in terms of its details, however the preamble of “Profit for Purpose” will never be changed. We are borne out of it and exist for the same, If any further clarity is needed on Profit for Purpose Policy (PPP), you may write to