IIT Kharagpur brainstorms to manage waste amid the pandemic

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IIT Kharagpur researchers have come up with a set of recommendations for managing solid waste, including biomedical and plastic waste, causing environmental pollutiom during COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent study by the researchers has led to the formulation of the recommendations which include adoption of “eco-friendly bioplastics and biodegradable materials with higher recyclability”, the institute said in a statement on Sept 26.

“While reduced economic activities due to COVID-19 have certainly made air and water cleaner as per many reports, change in the dynamics of plastic, food, and biomedical waste generation has however stirred the woes of solid waste management,” the statement said.

The researchers have explored the challenges faced by the solid waste management sector during the pandemic and the underlying opportunities to fill existing loopholes in the system, it said.

The study, led by Prof Brajesh Kumar Dubey of IIT Kharagpur”s Department of Civil Engineering, focused on sustainable technologies and development of green business models by analysing economic prospects in the post-pandemic world.

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