IIT Guwahati students develop Flyzy app

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A group of students from IIT Guwahati has launched the Flyzy mobile application on Friday for the contactless, seamless travel experience for airplane passengers. Flyzy App is one of its kind mobile-based contactless software technology. This in-house developed mobile-based software will build up and strengthen the aviation industry, making it future-ready to fight against diseases like COVID-19.

While launching the Flyzy App on September 25, Dr Indu Bhushan, Chief Executive Officer of National Health Authority (NHA) said: “Flyzy app is capable of bringing back the pre-COVID like travel where people can move around safely and stress-free without putting their lives in danger. I wish the Flyzy team of enterprising youngsters success in bringing about a positive change in the aviation business.”

“Flyzy App is just a tip of the iceberg. In the future, Flyzy will be developing various in-house aviation technologies that are entirely Made in India, which will not only make Indian Aviation Self-Reliant but also make India the global provider of world-class aviation technology. The Beta version of the Flyzy App is currently available on Play Store for Android and soon will be available on Apple App Store for iOS,” said Deepak Meena, CEO of Flyzy adding that they believe safe travel is not a luxury; it’s the need of the hour.

Explaining salient features of the Flyzy mobile application, Meena said that it enables the passenger to have a stress-free air-travel, by providing features starting from universal web check-in, mobile boarding pass, live flight status, airport guide, contactless shopping, airport maps and the list is endless. Hansraj Patel and Arjit Singh, other founder members of the mobile application says that Flyzy App connects all the major air-travel stakeholders at a single platform, to enhance the travel experience and drive commercial revenues for airports, airlines, and travel-retailers.


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