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COMMUNIITY is a profit for social purpose organisation. Its goal is to invest in togetherness and generate a collective conscious & economic value add among the individuals who are responsibly connected with the pride of having any kind of association with IITs.

The social networking platform for this society is termed as www.communiity.in with special emphasis on relationship between I and IIT and IITians. The purpose is to create value in every stakeholder’s life thru this platform.

We commit a sizeable profit from this platform back to the social service of alma mater, the communiity members in their personal need for funds in emergency, research works, startups incubated by IITians  in campus or outside campus etc. This is provided thru the funds generated on this platform thru advertisement revenues, margins via sale of goods thru eStore, subscriptions revenues and other means of revenue generation thru its services and products.
We believe that a sustainable method of generating help back to alma mater and associated entities is NOT through one time donations. The better & sustainable way is to operate value added transactions among this community as a way of routine life and thereby generate margins which should be shared back.

We strive to continuously work towards this direction in discussion and guidance with all stakeholders as above. We are an independent legal entity and do not represent any of the stakeholders as above in any capacity or kind. The www.communiity.in is owned and managed by Grafiqus media services LLP and brings in best of governance standards in the operational processes and methods by inviting advisory from stakeholders in best interest of the goal stated above.
We don’t believe in the process of collecting donations on behalf of any stakeholder and neither get involved / encourage any further. Please don’t send us any funds towards donation. If we generate value for you through our products and services – do buy as a normal course and we shall pass a lion share of the profits towards the social causes.

We neither are and nor do we represent any Alumni bodies of any kind. We co exist with them and will work towards building value add with them. However we are a commercial organisation, independently governed towards its goals and any value we create for Alumni members would be taken up on priority by us. 

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Governing Council – www.communiity.in

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